My Pre Round Warm Up

Usually when I’m touring, my warm-up goes for 1hr and 15mins and this does not include any stretching I do in my hotel room before I leave for the course.

My warm-up entails 45mins on the driving range aiming at multiple targets with distance variation to try and replicate on course shots. Next, I go to the chipping green for 15mins and work on a variety of lies using all of my wedges for different trajectory. Finally, I head to the putting green for 15mins and really try to get my feel locked in with 50% of the putts I hit inside 8ft.

Unfortunately not everyone has as much time as we do to prepare for their game, so, I’ve created a 20min condensed version that will hopefully help you be more prepared next time you step onto the 1st tee.

Nathan competing in the Perth International 2017

Step 1: Stretch

Spend 5mins stretching with a focus on the larger muscle groups and joint movement including hips, torso, glutes and legs.

Step 2: Warm Up Shots

Warm up shots can be done on a range or in nets because your main objective is to set your tempo for the day. Start with your wedge and then make your way up to your driver for example pitching wedge, 7 iron, 3 wood and driver.

Step 3: Putting

Finish with the most important part of the game – putting. Focus on distance control and have 3 putts from 30ft, 20ft, 10ft and 5ft.

I hope these steps help your games and give you every opportunity to lower your scores.


Nathan Park is a World Championship winning Professional Golfer who combines passion, skill and determination with the desire to become a world-class athlete.

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